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Campus Military Recruitment Facts

10 questions military recruiters at this school don’t want to answer

1. Why did U.S. Armed Forces Veterans make up 20% of the 30,000 suicides in the United States last year with an average of 18 veterans committing suicide each day? What is PTSD’s and why do so many in the U.S. military have this problem?

2. Why do the U.S. Armed Forces Veterans make up 33% of the male United States homeless population? 

 3. Why were 1 in 5 United States Army recruiters under investigation in 2004 for offenses varying from threats and coercion to false promises that applicants would not be sent to Iraq.


4. Why does the U.S. Military Enlistment Contract legally bind the recruit to carry out their obligations to the T but holds the U.S. military completely free to change their terms at any time for any reason including the recruits; status, pay allowances, benefits, and length of service?

 5. Why are so called signing bonuses transferred to loans that recruits have to pay back for 94% of recruits who receive them?

 6. Why do 48% percent of recruits report having financial difficulty?

 7. Why do 65% percent of recruits who sign up for the Montgomery GI Bill receive no money for college?

 8. Why does the military claim to give recruits job training when most often they receive skills that will not transfer to the civilian job market, does experience as a M240 machine-gunner help on a resume for a job in this community?

 9. Why are you asking me to sign up for something one may never be able to get out of under the terms of “stop loss”?

 10. Why do 28% of women in the military report having been raped or sexual assaulted during there term of service?






 You have a choice you can Opt Out

Contact information (name, address, phone number) of juniors and seniors In LAUSD high schools will be given to military recruiters for enlistment purposes in the fall of 2010. Filling out an opt out form tells your school not to give your personal information to the military. This process must be done every year. Return the opt out form to you guidance counselor or principal before October 29, 2010.






Opt Out Form


To:________________________________________          Date:____________

                          School Name


Students Name

(Please Print)



Date Of Birth







zip code

Telephone Number



Home Room




FOR 11TH AND 12TH GRADE STUDENTS ONLY: I do not wish to release the name, address, and telephone number of the student named above to the agency or agencies I check below.  


____ United States Armed Forces

  ____ (Military) Recruiting Agencies


 _________________________________________         ____________________________________

Signature of parent/guardian (if student is under 18)        Signature of student (if student is 18 or over)


Download and print this form in PDF format


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